New issue of Demented Omen of Masochism zine is finally out

Featuring deep and elaborated interviews (DER STURMER, SATURNALIA TEMPLE, SHEOL, MACABRE OMEN, VIA DOLORSA, GOATFAGO, RIDE FOR REVENGE, INVOCATION SPELLS, RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE) dealing with non-musical aspects as history, philosophy, politics, religion, satanism, occultism ... more interesting and less politically correct than ever

Zine comes as well with reviews of underground music and press, professionally printed on high quality paper with color cover. Go get it now.

"Yes I still call myself Satanic. Even if many try to tame the classification of the term, it's a powerful philosophy and a way of life. For me, it can't be limited to "reversed christianity". Most of those Church Of Satan writings are simple truths, but Satanism can't be limited to that. Also hedonism can't be a good reason for existence.The morality of mainstream is bastardized by christianity, but not christianity only. In fact I think political moralism is worse than religion right now in the western world. Same Satanic philosophy that opposed the christian moral works as well against the cultural marxist moral and guilt. One must see behind the mask, behind the smoke curtains and beyond what the eyes can't see. See the beauty in death and suffering, cause it leads to new levels. There is no truth in concentrating on easy solutions and "nice things" only. Way of the beast is harsh and demanding, but there is no other possibility but constant challenge and battle towards the truth and enlightment, even if such things don't even exist in the end. There are always power too great to control or understand, but to see through the lies around yourself and rebel against them is a good place to start"
(from interview with Ride for Revenge)

"I have very actively practised Dark Magic for 23 years, and one of course starts with reading, meditating chanting rituals etc. The results then lead one onwards, and if one is lucky enough to meet truly initiated individuals in a real initiated order with a real magical foundation, then powerful things can happen. I wold emphasise that even if one is into the darkest forms of magic, one is never interesting in destroying one self, so any magic that promotes self-destruction must be ignored if one wants to develop. One can of course work to remove certain parts of ones existence, but always in the meaning to increase ones personal power. I think the books by Carlos Castaneda is the best to describe a dark magical life."
(from interview with Saturnalia Temple)

"Islam is a blight upon the earth, a disease whose barbarity is equalled only by its arrogance and refusal to accept any truth in conflict to its mediaeval doctrine. Its insistence on absolute truth and refusal to adapt has caused unforgivable destruction (whilst so-called moderates enable those extremist groups funded and armed by American governments, imams blithely refusing to address the very problems in scripture). As you said, this has happened before with Christianity but there are many significant differences. Europe adapted to Christianity (and vice versa) and even benefitted from it in some ways, but the ideology of Islam is the death of individualism, it is the cage to all free spirits. In a time of globalised power and tyrannical police-states, is it any wonder that this regressive culture of 'submission' is welcomed so eagerly and opposition to it has become a hate crime? It recalls how Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity to centralise power in the Roman Empire - history now seems to be repeating itself. As I said above, there is a root behind every weed'"
(from interview with Sheol)

"There is a difference between the hatred that an aware and intelligent individual feels for the weakness, stupidity and ignorance that surrounds him, with the lower kind of 'hatred' (I would better call it envy) that a weakling feels for those that are mentally and physically superior to him. In our age it's hard not to be a misanthrope and sometimes even a nihilist sometimes, if you acknowledge that the degeneration and the collapse of our society is a path of no return, because the political correctness and brainwashing is too rooted in the mind of modern man, that makes you see that there is no hope in the horizon. But of course we will not surrender without a fight' The people 'against everyone' or only 'against christians' (that nowadays are harmless and not even a threat anymore) are p.c. cowards that play the safe game, not having the balls to name and specify the real enemy (Zionism) and its pawns ('minorities', illegal immigrants, radical islam etc.) from the fear not to be called Nazis and racists."
(from interview with Der Sturmer)

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